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Warning, I'm RANTING! | Note 29

My YouTube algorithm is wired so that it almost exclusively serves me bouldering competitions, ballerina vlogs, and cute animals. Because of the last category, upon opening the homepage a few days ago, I was presented with the clickbait of First dog in history to be ‘cancelled’: Rescue pup faces Pride Month. Actually clicking on it was entirely my own mistake.

I’ve lived TV-free since moving out from my family home some fifteen years ago, but despite my almost religious avoidance of all TV screens, I still was dimly aware of the existence of one Piers Morgan. (I’ve always had a feeling that TV was bad for you, so why didn’t I smell the danger around smartphones?) For those of you who don’t live in the UK, or, like myself, live under a rock, Morgan is a conservative English broadcaster with a net worth of $20 million, and an impressive record of inappropriate comments to his name.

After losing his ITV job a couple of years ago (unsurprisingly, due to his controversial opinions), Morgan started his own show – presumably with the goal of having more freedom to badmouth anybody less conservative than himself. “Piers Morgan Uncensored” has the guise of a news show but, judging by the First dog in history to be ‘cancelled’: Rescue pup faces Pride Month video, it is everything but. Please, save yourself the pain of watching it but do read the rest of this Note →


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