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Our "All Pronouns" Video is Finally Released | Note 44

“[...] When I first started climbing I assumed I was on a path and that eventually I would get ‘there’. I loved that feeling. Now I am starting to discover that there is no ‘there’, and there may not even be a path most of the time. I hear a lot of voices and a lot of ideas swirling around. It can be hard to figure out what I really think about anything. In some ways it seems like the answer is buried inside the question, and maybe I’ll never be able to pull them apart. Maybe I shouldn’t even try. In a way, I wish for the clarity I once believed in, though perhaps it was naive. I think some things, the good things, really are that simple… [...] Touching rock, living naturally, breathing, moving, laughing.
In the last few months, surrounding myself with true friends and their positive energy, I am unfolding, emerging renewed. Climbing, I touch rock, and I feel the rush of infatuation. In a way, it feels like being reborn. [...] Climbing, simply and joyfully, is the way I love the world.”

I often imagine that my brain is like a sieve: everything seems to slip away much faster than I am able to take it in, and if I want to remember something, I need to write it down. Finding it later hinges on a... continue reading now→


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