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Insta-famous | Note 47

Last week, I got my act together and posted a few times on Instagram. It is a platform with which I have a very complex relationship. A few years ago, I worked as a social media manager in the outdoor industry. (This is apparently what happens if you study anthropology…) Then, I moved on to freelancing as a journalist, copywriter and content marketer, and to supplement my meagre income (incomes tend to stay meagre when you climb more than you should…) I attempted the then-new-thing of being an influencer. I got a bunch of free gear, which was what I’d spend my money on anyways, and a couple of paid gigs. I also got a flair-up of anxiety and depression, and although the two might not have been connected in any way, I got this idea that social media is simply not the best for my mental health.

Still, I must credit social media with quite a few good things that happened to me, including... continue reading now→


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