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In the Moomin House | Note 22

I like to think that little things around us are connected in meaningful and mysterious ways. It doesn’t matter that I don’t actually believe it – it is still a pleasant idea. Although a grand cosmic connection of all things isn’t scientifically implausible, everyday coincidences have more to do with the brain’s search for patterns and meaning. In a world that most often feels like a scary unknown, I’ll still take anything that can bring a sense of cohesion and purpose – illusory or not.

Before heading off for our roadtrip, M. was staying at our place for some two weeks. She arrived only a few days after my return from the US, and so did D.

M. is a friend of 24 years, and D. is 24. The arrival of M. had been planned for some time, but the arrival of D. was a surprise. In fact, we had only met her the day before she moved in with us – an occurrence completely unplanned by all involved parties, but undoubtedly a lucky one.

One evening, petting Stefan’s fluffy belly, D. proclaimed that he looked exactly like a character from the Moomin series. “Vyhuhyl!”, she announced in Russian, and Stefan’s wagging tail seemed to indicate that he liked the new nickname. After a complicated investigation conducted by... continue reading now →


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